Statistics Resources


I’m a great advocate of learning hands-on calculations and the concepts underlying the many statistical formulas you will be using. However, once you have a good grasp of how they are derived, it makes a lot of sense to use technology (calculators, dedicated stat software, Excel) to assist you with the “grunt work.” My best recommendation is to find a calculator you are comfortable with, get used to it, and use it as much as possible. (Take into account what resources you will be allowed when you’re actually testing, not just for homework assignments.)

Grade ‘A’ Tutoring Videos: 

These are on my YouTube Channel for Grade “A” Tutoring. Feel free to make comments and/or suggestions.

Calculating Mean and Standard Deviation by Hand (How to set up a table and use the formulas for sample and population mean and standard deviation; visual representation of what the standard deviation looks like for one variable.)

TI-83 Plus – Random, Seed, Store to List 16-9 (An overview of how to generate random numbers (decimals with 10 digits) using the “rand” command; how to enter a “seed” value to avoid duplicating random numbers as much as possible; how to store numbers into a List.)

TI-83 Plus – Random Integers, Store to List 16-9 (Using the “randInt” command to generate random integers with lower and upper boundaries; showing a certain number of integers at a time; generating a sequence of integers and storing it to a List; uses for this procedure such as simulating tosses of coins or dice.)

TI-83 Plus – 1-Var Numerical Summary 16-9 (How to see what is in a List; how to clear it; how to enter data into a List using (EDIT); how to get the numerical summary of that data using the (CALC) command.)

Manuals: Desmos User Guide (This is a super good resource for getting started with the online graphing calculator. Includes the latest stuff on using Desmos for statistics; regression lines, etc.)

(These are available at the official Texas Instrument site, plus guides and instruction for lots more calculators; Texas Instruments Education – Guidebooks )

TI-30XA Guidebook: TI-30XA Guidebook

TI-30XS MultiView: TI-30XS MultiView

TI-30X IIS Calculator: Guidebook: TI-30X IIS Guidebook

TI-30X IIS Calculator: Guide for Teachers (includes extra teaching material): TI-30X IIS Guide for Teachers

TI-83 Plus Calculator: TI-83 Plus Manual

Additional Statistics Videos: 

Bill Jennings (taught Statistics at Klamath Community College for many years). He has a great assortment of videos for various math subjects. Bill Jennings – YouTube Math Videos