Calculus Resources


There are a LOT of excellent resources for Calculus I, II, and even III out there on the Internet. It does take a long time to sift through them and weed out the ones that aren’t so great, though. This is an ongoing collection of the sites that I have found the most useful, along with some areas of Calc they are best for.

General Calculus:

You can’t get much better than Paul’s Online Math Notes. This is a huge collection of Paul Dawkins’ notes for many math courses being taught at Lamar University. He includes downloadable charts for the most-needed algebra, trigonometry, and calculus concepts. His home page has links to MUCH more than I have inserted here; he has downloadable entire texts for Calculus and more, many versions of “Cheat Sheets” (including reduced size copies so you can get them on one page!), notes, problems, and solutions from his Algebra, Calc. I, II, III, and Differential Equations classes.

Paul’s Home Page: Paul’s Online Math Notes – Home

Limits: (Download) Paul’s Notes: Calculus Cheat Sheets – Limits pdf

Derivatives: (Download) Paul’s Notes: Calculus Cheat Sheets – Derivatives pdf

Integrals: (Download) Paul’s Notes: Calculus Cheat Sheets – Integrals pdf

Laplace Transforms: (Download) Paul’s Notes: Differential Equations Cheat Sheets – Laplace Transforms pdf


Calculus I:

(Limits) Paul’s Online Math Notes – Limits

(Derivatives) Paul’s Online Math Notes – Derivatives

(Volumes of Solids of Revolution) Paul’s Online Math Notes – Volumes of Solids of Revolution, Rings



Calculators: (These are available at the official Texas Instrument site, plus guides and instruction for lots more calculators; Texas Instruments Education – Guidebooks .) (See Online Math Resources tab for pdf downloads for various calculator manuals.)


Grade ‘A’ Tutoring Videos: 

These are on my YouTube Channel for Grade ‘A’ Tutoring. Feel free to make comments and/or suggestions.

(Working on them!)


Additional Material: