Dental Work in Costa Rica

Fine World-Class Dentists in Costa Rica!

Many people have a fear of dentistry in a foreign country. But some of the finest dental work available can be found in Costa Rica. Fillings, inlays, crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, and any other work that can be done on your teeth, can be done cheaper, and probably better, in Costa Rica. There are dentists and staff there that speak virtually perfect English; they are friendly, helpful, considerate, kind, and gentle. Their equipment and methods are more modern and advanced than any I have run into in the United States, although I’m sure such things exist here. Dental and Medical Tourism is now an important part of the economy in Costa Rica, due to the fact that people can have dental and medical attention at great savings, even factoring in the cost of travel and lodging. Much business is geared to this idea, and it is easy to find the necessary care and accommodations, in a friendly and convenient atmosphere.

Dr. Anglada and Crew
Dr. Anglada and Crew, San José, Costa Rica

 I did a LOT of reading about various dentists and countries, and eventually decided to go with someone in Costa Rica. There is an overwhelming number of resources out there, and I spent about a month reading through the many hundreds of posts, testimonials, case studies, and lists of qualifications. By the time I had finished, I had decided upon the team of Drs. Anglada and Castro to do the work we needed. We traveled to San José, and have now been to see them three times. The work has been so outstanding, and with such kind dentists, that I want to share this information with other people. If you would like, you can contact me via the form below, or call me at (320) 968-3300. I’d be glad to help you with information about traveling, customs, hotels, food, transportation, and the like. I can also scan and send your x-rays by e-mail, if you want to send them to me (mailing them internationally can be expensive and unreliable). I can even have the doctors contact you personally by phone or e-mail, if you would like that. This experience has been so successful for me, I would like to have it happen for other people too.


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