Calculating the Mean & Standard Deviation by Hand!

Snapshot 4


OK, here’s the latest Grade “A” Tutoring video: check it out on YouTube! It presents a really simple example of calculating the mean and standard deviation for a small sample, by using a table and “grind it out” method.


Snapshot 2

Yes, I know you’ll probably NOT be doing this much (what with calculators and statistical software easily available), but it’s a good idea to know how these figures are calculated.The formulas for calculating mean, variance, and standard deviation are given; for both populations and samples.



Snapshot 1


So, check it out, and let me know what you think. I’ll be working on some videos about WHY the standard deviation is so cool and useful. Let me know if there are some things you’d like me to cover!


  1. Nicely done! I should get you to explain calculus to me someday! Dianne 

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