Some resources for math students!

TI-83 Plus Calculator

Math Blackboard

We’re now into the Winter Semester at Klamath Community College, so I’ve decided to work on some resources for my math tutoring students. This will be an ongoing project, so keep checking back! To find some course-specific material (Statistics 243 and Calculus II 252), check out the appropriate pages under Grade ‘A’ Tutoring in the right-hand menu. There will be lots of links that should help students in other courses, too.

One project I’m really having fun with is to make my own videos about using various calculators for statistics, calculus, graphing and such. I’ll be posting them on my YouTube Channel (Grade ‘A’ Tutoring) as they are finished. Please let me know if there are any subjects you’d like me to cover.

OK, more later!  🙂





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